Research reports 2020

Performing a high level analysis of non-OBU GNSS+DSRC solutions - Ptolemus Consulting Group  (Juli 2020) PDF | 64 pgs | 5.5 MB
Research on the impact of innovations for the Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge. This report focuses mainly on smartphone-, in-vehicle- and fleet telematics innovations, as well as their timelines.

The market segmentation of road transport in the Netherlands  (June 2020) PDF | 39 pgs | 456 KB
Overview of segmentation/devision of the Dutch heavy goods vehicles market. The aim is to gain more insight into the heavy goods vehicles market, examples: domestic/foreign transport ratios and size of transport companies.

RUCC 2020 and Procurement

Presentation for the Road User Charging 2020 Conference on 4&5 March 2020.
Newsitem Procurement Process for 2020 (25 March 2020)
Presentation RUCC 2020 (March 2020) PDF | 11 pgs | 2MB

Presentations and reports on market information 2019

Presentations and reports of the market information meeting of 14 October 2019.
Introduction of HGVC in the Netherlands (Oct 19) PDF | 42 pages | 4,8 MB
EETS involvement on HGVC in the Netherlands (Oct 19) PDF | 28 pages | 2,7 MB
The HGVC Scheme (Oct 19) PDF | 2 pages | 512 kB
Reports and notes on the market information meeting and the EETS meetings (Oct 19) PDF docs

Factsheets on Heavy goods vehicle charge

General information on the Heavy goods vehicle charge in the Netherlands
Factsheet HGVC in the Netherlands (September 2019) PDF | 2 pages | 574 kB

Information on system implementation of the HGVC.
Factsheet The HGVC Scheme in the Netherlands (October 2019) PDF doc | 2 pages | 1,6 MB

Draft Bill

The draft Bill is the Bill itself and its explanation.
Draft Bill on HGVC in the Netherlands (version June 2019)
 PDF doc | 95 pages | 1,5 MB

Policy Framework on the Heavy goods vehicle charge

In the Policy Framework you can find more information about the roads, the vehicles and exceptions, the tariffs, etc.
Policy Framework HGVC in the Netherlands
(January 2019)  PDF doc | 11 pages | 229 kB

EETS provisioning

Report on the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) market and the role of the Main Service Provider (MSP) 
Understanding the EETS provisioning market (October 2018) PDF doc | 93 pages | 4,4 MB