Draft stimulus package for 2024-2025 & Draft multi-year programme for 2026-2030 recycling of heavy goods vehicle charge revenues

The Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge is expected to be introduced in The Netherlands in 2026. As a result, domestic and foreign heavy goods vehicles will pay a tariff per kilometre for their use of part of the Dutch road network. The net proceeds from the Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge will flow back into the transport sector in the form of investments in innovation and sustainability.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management and the representatives of the transport sector have jointly formulated the following sustainability and innovation goal: the accelerated transition to zero-emission freight transport, in the form of battery-electric and hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles, (temporary) use of renewable fuels and optimisation of the logistics chain, which contributes to a reduction in the number of transport kilometres driven.

The various measures will be explained in detail, later on in the annexed document. Furthermore, it presents a list of basic principles, an explanation of the sustainability and innovation goals, and an explanation of the monitoring and evaluation system. Together, these elements form the draft Stimulus Package for 2024-2025 and the draft Multi-Year Programme (draft MYP) for 2026 -2030 for recycling of the revenues of the Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge.